A Garden of Thoughts: Ali Taptık

Open School Reading Sessions

15 June 2016, 18.00-19.00


Photograph: Ali Taptık, ”Towards a flora”, 2010 – present

The fourth edition of the reading sessions realized within the scope of Galata Greek School’s “Open School Project” in the framework of Reysi Kamhi’s show ”A Garden of Thoughts”, will be conducted by Ali Taptık on 15th June Wednesday, between 6 – 7 pm.

Ali Taptık will be sharing some parts from his readings in the framework of his on going work titled ”Towards a Flora”. During his reading Taptık invites us to think about our relation with the plants through J.G.Ballard’s dystopic novel ”Drowned World”, Katja Gringer’s text based on her doctorate research titled ”Ramble, linger and gaze – dialogues from Landscape Garden” and Peter del Tredici’s essay on plants that grow spontaneously within the city titled ”Spontaneous Urban Vegetation: Reflections of Change in a Globalized World”.

The readings will be in English and the discussion will be in Turkish.