A Garden of Thoughts

Reysi Kamhi

2 - 18 June 2016

4th Floor / Open School Library 

Opening: 2 June 2016, 4 - 7pm

”Everything that is of my kind, in nature and history, speaks to me, praises me, spurs me on, comforts me – everything else I don’t hear or forget right away. We are always only in our own company. ”**

Reysi Kamhi’s exhibition ”A Garden of Thoughts” associates the garden with the library space by structuring the process of the production of a space through her drawings of elements from nature.
One always get into a special dialogue with nature and gardens, based on process and time. In this realm, one can keep away from chaos and speed and go beyond the limits of time and space by simply subsisting.

In ”A Garden of Thoughts”, Kamhi invited us to look through the eyes of another being, with her ongoing nature mort drawing serie. While most of elements such as subject and object have been delineated seperately from each other, what could be the similarities and mutualities of our essence? At what point is it forced to be deviated?

Taking these questions as a reference, the artist invites the audience to spend time within this imaginary garden where the forgotten is remembered and the remembered is forgotten as well as to participate to the ongoing collective reading sessions .

**Quoted from Friedrich Nietzsche’s book ”The Gay Science”