Ahmet Doğu İpek

8 April - 13 May 2017

Opening: 8 April 2017, 4pm - 7pm

Ahmet Doğu Ipek’s second solo show in Istanbul, “Days” takes place in Galata Greek School. Spread on the first and second floors of the venue, the exhibition includes works Ipek produced in the last 10 months, as well as works dated to 2015.

The installation on the first floor of the venue focuses on the historical, architectural and functional memory of the building of the Galata Greek School. Spreading over an area of approximately 140 m², this installation is based on reshaping the floor and walls with an architectural intervention. This work, which is a symbolic description of the space, points to facts like slope, mass, weight as well as phenomena such as truth, perception, denial.

The “Days” series, composed of more than 200 watercolor works, each symbolizing the memory of the day it was produced, not only constitutes the spine of the exhibition but also gives its name to it. Started in late July 2016 and continuing through March 2017, approximately 120 pieces of this black abstract series are included in the show.

“Stars”, which emerged as the point where “Days” evolved, consists of notches thrown on a black paper surface. Result of a performative process, this painting with a childish quest for the light, meets the viewer at the edge of the installation carrying “Days”.

The “Repair” series produced for this exhibition is based on an effort to understand and imitate the algorithm of natural forms. There are three premiere exhibits that circumnavigate ideas such as repairing cracked and disintegrated rock masses with a small intervention, keeping their pieces together, symbolically repairing them, and making sense of something that is not functionally useful.

In addition to these works, many of which will be exhibited for the first time, unseen works from previous series “Black Water Records”, “Second Harvest” and “Construction Regime” and a sculptural installation can be seen in the show.

Exhibition Design: Nevzat Sayın
Exhibition Poster Design: Okay Karadayılar